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INSIDERS Ep 32: Rising Rates – Where do we go from here?

sandy and marc with brooks kelly on the set of the insiders podcast

The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 32

Sandy and Marc welcome their guest Brooks Kelly from The Mortgage Link to talk about rising interest rates and the market forecast going forward and how to reach your prospects with this vital information.

We continue to see significant changes in the real estate market that bears some discussion. In this episode of the INSIDERS on Real Estate and Marketing we welcome our special guest Brooks Kelly from The Mortgage Link to address rising rates and speculation on where the market goes from here.

Talking Points:

– What the FEDERAL FUNDS rate is and what does it mean when they raise it 75 basis points?

– What effect does that have on mortgage rates?

– Why have interest rates increased so much this year and where are they now? – What is your forecast for the mortgage and real estate market for 2023?

What goes up must come down, right?

– Don’t get lost in what the interest rate is, if you wait to buy on rate, you will miss out on the massive return on investment that Real Estate provides.

– What is your advice for homeowners buying or selling real estate in the coming year? And what is your advice to the REALTORS who are helping them?

Sandy’s Marketing Take-A-Ways:

1 – This is a different market, so bring some relief and trust by educating your target audience through your marketing – use this information we are sharing here today and share it in your marketing!

2 – Build trust through consistent and diverse marketing methods. To get your message out to wherever your audience is requires diversity.

3 – Can your prospects find you? Can they get enough info about you to make them feel comfortable to approach you? If someone is being “forensic” and trying to find you, will they and what will they find?  

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