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How Important is Visual Marketing to Your Strategic Marketing Plan?

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How Important is Visual Marketing to My Strategic Marketing Plan?​

If I were standing before you today teaching a class and asked you this question “how are you converting your Instagram and social media followers into real social leads?”, I would get a variety of answers. Some would respond with great success stories and others would share their disdain for the whole idea of social media marketing. There’s a great divide in what most small business owners believe to be true about social media marketing. I’m here to tell you that social media marketing is (at least for now) a very vital component to your overall marketing plan. And in the realm of social media visual media rules!



Nothing captures attention like a beautiful photo

The crazy volume of photo and video content on social media proves the increased importance of visual marketing in our everyday lives. You’ve seen the numbers, 400 million daily users on Instagram, and over 40 billion photos uploaded. In fact, the average consumer devotes roughly two hours per day to social media and that time is increasingly spent viewing visual media (photos and videos).

How Important is Visual Marketing? VERY!

Many people misunderstand how to properly use visual marketing for their business. You might think it will work like traditional marketing methods and make the phone ring off the hook because the branded message is pushed hard – but it won’t.

Social media marketing is not about pushing anything; it’s about BUILDING relationships. And nothing connects us like great photos strategically used in a visual marketing program.

If you have a team of people who are out representing your business to your targeted prospects, or if you have a salesforce out beating the bushes, social media will serve to validate your business and your relativity to the market, which is a huge and foundational element to your overall marketing plan. Instagram and visual marketing will set you apart from the competition. Big businesses know this. If you’re a solopreneur and you are wearing ALL the hats required to run your business, social media marketing is NOT an option. In fact, it is most likely the only marketing you are doing. So how do you handle even more by adopting a strategic visual marketing campaign?

Where do you start in visual marketing?

The key to any successful marketing campaign, and especially in visual marketing, is consistency. You must have a consistent presence on social media. A streamlined branded look that is consistently being pushed out across the online networks and in other traditional methods, all synced up with the same passionate message.

Let’s look particularly at Instagram – it’s the hottest thing going right now. What kind of investment are you willing to make to represent your brand on the most relevant mobile platform? You can’t afford not to be there.

Curating top-notch images that tell your story, that have a central focus, that complement your branded look, and that appeals to the next generation of leaders and clients, is what will take your business to the next level and turn your followers into real social leads. This is where you want to start.

Sandy Hibbard Creative can help you get started with your visual marketing campaign. We want to be your marketing partner for Instagram and social media. Call Sandy today and book a few minutes by telephone to discuss where you are in your marketing and how we can work together to “InstaBrand” your business!