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Tips for taking great photos for your Instagram feed
October 18, 2017
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October 24, 2017
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Double your exposure with an Instagram Ad

instabrand sandy hibbard creative backpacker looking at mountain lake

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Get double IMPACT when you combine Facebook ads with Instagram


By connecting your Facebook page with Instagram, running an ad will double your exposure and increase engagement.

Facebook is clearly the most popular and affordable ad platform today; its deep demographics allow you to laser-focus on your target audience. Now you can build your ad in Facebook’s Ad Manager and click a button to have it run on your Instagram account. Why not run ads on both networks at the same time? The benefits are enormous!


Here are 6 advantages to running an ad on Instagram from your Facebook Page:


1 – It’s easy to set up, simply link your FB page to your Instagram account

2 – A great photo with descriptive text and #hashtags is all you need (see my 25 tips for taking photos for Instagram)

3 – You have direct access to FB’s demographics and insights

4 – It will increase awareness of your brand and double your ad exposure

5 – The ads work while you sleep, work, or play

6 – Facebook/Instagram ads are inexpensive and easy on the budget


#InstaBranding curates your images and will handle your daily posts AND your ad campaigns for you. 


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