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Boost Your Business and Create Awareness With These 3 Ideas

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Boost Your Business and Create Awareness With These 3 Ideas

I want to share three things that I think are VERY IMPORTANT in building your business and creating more awareness in your community. I have taught these things for years because they are some of the key ingredients to building your brand and foundational to business marketing, they are: Blogging, Community Involvement and Technology.

Blogging is the Base for Your Social Content

The first thing is blogging, this one I assure you I have been preaching for years. Blogging is a no-brainer when it comes to building SEO, and it should be a basic element in your strategic marketing plan. Content you create that expounds on your expertise using your keywords for business is great for search and informs people about what you do and the products and services that you offer. It is essential for building your brand, PLUS it’s great for driving traffic to your site and providing a base for your social media content.

Partnerships in the Community Builds on Awareness

The second thing is creating partnerships in your grassroots community. I feel like this is becoming more and more important in these times as so many people are staying closer to home and shopping, working, and dining out locally. You can build and grow an online business anywhere but local awareness remains important and vital for building those raving fans who will vouch for your business. Partnering with a community restaurant or business, or a luxury brand in your area demonstrates that you are a serious player. It contributes to elevating the standard of your community by serving them with the excellent products and services that you offer, this alone will help attract premiere clientele to your brand.

Being the Trendsetter

Finally, the third thing… become a trendsetter! We are working in a new business climate. Gone is 2000, gone is 2020, we are in 2022 baby and things are different today! What trends in technology and marketing can you employ that will create a new appeal for your business? Choose wisely what resonates with and compliments your brand. It may be doing something crazy out of the box or repurposing something you used when YOU were wild and crazy! If it works to set you apart, then it’s good. Trendsetting is simply not being afraid to push the envelope into new terrain. It’s being bold enough to try the new and offer a fresh appeal to your business, your marketing, and the way you interface with your clients.

As always, the service that I offer is me 😉 and my expertise of over 22 years of running my own creative marketing agency. I have worked with small business owners, Realtors, and entrepreneurs alike to help them build their brands and market their companies. Contact me for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and let’s visit. Let’s see how we can work together to help you get some of these things into your marketing plan.  Sandy@sandyhibbardcreative.com or 214.208.3987.

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