Marketing Tip: Build a database of customers

building a database of your customers at lyric's marketing tips

Marketing Tip:  Build a database of customers

Is your database a coal mine or a GOLD MINE? A great marketing plan begins with a current and dynamic database. Don’t be scared off by all the complicated database programs. Keep it simple, make a gold mine out of your contacts! Keep a master spreadsheet file (Excel, Numbers, etc.) that contains all the information on your clients, your prospects, target customers and friends.

Be sure to segment them into the appropriate categories. Include first and last name, address, email, phone, etc., and make sure that each is in its own column. Get into a good habit of putting all the people you meet and work with into this database, updating it on a regular basis. With this tool you can sort and select, copy and paste, upload into social media and email programs, and keep updated in order to maintain a thriving database.

Your database is your GOLD, lose everything else but if you have a current database you are back in business!

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