Marketing Tip: Think Large – 5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas

Marketing Tip #44:
Think Large – 5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas

It’s time to pull your head out of your tunnel vision and allow yourself to go where the sky is the limit.
Think Large!

What have you accomplished this year in your marketing? In your life? Did you do the things you dreamed about doing?  Did you take your business to the new level you had hoped for?  Your success depends on your marketing goals and implementing a boldly crafted strategic marketing plan.  Here are my 5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas for a “sky is the limit” strategic plan for your business – are you ready?


  • As an expert in your field write an ebook from the content you have created this year and make it available on Amazon as an iBook, promote it on your website and over social media
  • Create a new video channel and videos that feature the content from your new iBook and promote it on, and snippets on and
  • Set up a weekly newsletter to blast out to your target audience with video snippets you have created on a handy video app like ( and a review of a chapter from your book – promote the links on social media
  • Throw several themed “Being Social” parties in a park and invite all the dog owners in your neighborhood to bring their dogs in costume (Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Christmas – according to the season) to celebrate the season and share the latest in dog news –  promote your local food pantry and collect canned goods from the dog owners
  • Start speaking at the local Rotary and Chambers to share your expertise and make new contacts for business – talk about your dog parties and get a buzz going that will attract the media to your parties and eventually to your business

You may have heard of one or more of these 5 out of the box marketing ideas, and that’s ok, great marketing ideas are usually right under our noses.  It takes a well thought out strategy and a concentrated focus to make ideas like these work and be successful.  Begin planning now so you will be ready to implement.  Remember… think outside the box!

Have a great week!



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