This will help you overcome your procrastination

Need help overcoming your procrastination?


I know all too well from working with clients like you for over 10 years that marketing can be daunting, and social media marketing can pull you into one deep, black hole! So what happens?  You procrastinate. You do nothing.

Why do we run from hard tasks? Because of fears:

  •  that we don’t know what we’re doing
  •  that we’re gonna mess up and look bad
  •  that the task will be different and uncomfortable


Zen Habits Leo Babauta states in his recent blog post “A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination & Finding Focus“:

Basically, we fear discomfort and uncertainty. We want comfort and certainty, and distractions like email and social media and reading news and blogs are easy and we know how to do them. Very well. Distractions are always much more tempting than difficult work, much more comforting than facing fears.


Most often we avoid the difficult work of planning, creating, and implementing a strategic plan for our social media marketing. Overcoming your procrastination requires FOCUS and ACTION. When those fears pop up, we want to switch to avoid the challenge.  The trick is to catch ourselves when we’re about to switch – pause – and “deal mindfully instead of mindlessly with the urge”.

If you relate to what i’m saying in regard to your marketing, then The Social Voice Box program is for you. 

Last year, I created The Social Voice Box program in answer to my clients challenges to get their online marketing out QUICK and at an AFFORDABLE cost.  They did not have the time to do it consistently or to find the content that complimented their business.  They knew what to do and what they wanted, but they had no time. They needed help, and they needed it now.  My friend and Real Estate client Dan Cohn said this:


I have gotten feedback and have been able to engage many of my followers. I bet they are all wondering how I have gotten so smart! I don’t have to worry about writing good content, with your daily posts going out, now I can go to my social media accounts and have fun networking.

I think this says a lot.  Social media is not the end all, but quality content on your feeds allows YOU to go onto your social media platforms and network with your followers with the CONTENT WE HAVE POSTED FOR YOU!  It’s the start to building relationships.


Procrastination on setting up your social media strategy is only delaying building an influential social media presence. 


Engage help from The Social Voice Box for your social media marketing.  It’s easier than you think . . . 




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