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The Secret to Bringing Authenticity to Your Work

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The Secret to Bringing Authenticity to Your Work

Having a personal authenticity requires a “centering down” of our self: mind – body – spirit. I believe this is a secret to bringing excellence into our business that is both personally and professionally rewarding. When we offer our whole selves to our work, it will build a lasting brand that cannot be ignored.

~ Sandy Hibbard


The authentic CEO, business owner, worker, artist, marketer, teacher, caregiver, understands the gift that can lead a business and capture their audience with a passion and authentic joy – it simply cannot be ignored.  She or he has learned to harness these three things:

1 – Spirit

2 – Work

3 – Creativity


Living true and honest, open, and at times, vulnerable. Are you being true to yourself and your talents, living in the now, embracing where and who you are in this moment?  Are you choosing love? Are you being honest with yourself, your clients and coworkers?


Putting passion and talent in focus. Are you putting love into action in all that you are doing? Focusing on the tasks at hand with your passion? Always looking for ways to improve and better serve your clients? Can you work alongside your colleagues and strive to understand their contributions and talents?


Using energy to create a possible dream. Are you developing and letting your creative nature thrive and grow? Are you putting away fear and that voice that says “I can’t“? Look at each task from the outside and how you can put creativity to work. Let go of fear of failure and embrace honesty and openness.


These tips may seem a bit too emotional, but think about it for a minute. Many of us hold back a big part of what makes us human and vulnerable in order to be seen as professional, competent, and successful. What if we decided to reveal more of who we are at work? What would be possible? How would our workplaces – our business – be different? What would be the impact on our clients, the people we work with, and lead?


Bringing our whole selves to work means showing up authentically, leading with humility,
and remembering that we’re all vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing the best we can.

~ Mike Robbins