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The INSIDERS Ep 37: Celebrating Black History Month

celebrating black history month with ben baker on the set of the insiders podcast



The INSIDERS Ep 37: Celebrating Black History Month


Sandy and Marc celebrate Black History Month with their special guest and friend Ben Baker of the Ben Baker Team of Keller Williams.

I first met our guest back in 2005 when I was doing the Marketing Round Table for Prime Lending. Ben Baker became a part of the group that met monthly to strategize and create great marketing initiatives for the month. I am excited to reunite with Ben after all these years here today to help Marc and I celebrate Black History Month.


  • Lead and succeed! Talk about your thoughts on this.
  • Ben you focus on home owners in your community to close the gap 45% black ownership -75% white ownership gap, what is one major strategy you hope to put in play to improve minority ownership?
  • What do you think it would take to get more minority owners in the community?
  • What does Black History month mean to you?  Talk about your parents and your upbringing.
  • How did you enter the real estate industry?
  • Why do we not see more African Americans in the real estate industry?

Thanks to Ben Baker for stopping by and sharing his expertise. You can reach him at 214-801-8800.

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