Why Social Media is So Important for Luxury Brands

If you are building a luxury brand in real estate or any type of business, social media is top of the list for building out your brand.  Here are my thoughts on WHY social media is so important for luxury brands.
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If you are building a luxury brand in real estate or any type of business, social media is top of the list for building out your brand.

Here are my thoughts on WHY social media is so important for luxury brands:


You Can Showcase Your Caliber of Professionalism

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – are great platforms for engaging with your prospects by garnering visibility for your services through photos, videos, and stories. You can share your knowledge and professionalism while showing your style and personality to attract the customers that you want. Consumers in the top bracket of the market tend to be highly informed, and want to collaborate with the best in the business. So show them your best. Luxury clients will search for you on platforms like LinkedIn to check the credentials and performance metrics of your team and your business brand.

Social Media Platforms are the New CRM

On social it’s easy to stay engaged with active consumers and your customers. It allows you to target certain audiences with your promotions, products, services, and to educate them with your skills and knowledge. Social can become the online hub for all your marketing efforts, and you can use the in-platform analytics and metrics to measure how it is working.

Expand Your Reach

Through social media, you’re not limited to prospects in your local area. You can literally reach the world! You can connect to a whole new audience by finding a common interest that maybe you have never considered… a global audience!


To make the most of social media, here are four KEY pillars of success:

1. Consistency
Like more traditional marketing initiatives, social media should be pursued with intention and purpose. Post regularly with branded content and have a strategic social media plan in place. It’s so important to be tactical. Use targeted social media campaigns to draw out and engage with  qualified consumers.

2. Personality
Invite your followers (your audience) to get to know you. Be personable, approachable and authentic. People may decide they want to work with you if you have something personal in common. In that light, share more video content and more personal stories. Active social media users tend to favor videos and stories. Get personal and have fun but keep the flavor and attitude of your brand.

3. Quality

The luxury customer wants exclusive, sometimes private, experiences as they conduct their business. You can achieve this through direct messaging on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, social media makes it possible to have direct engagements. But along with exclusivity, quality is also imperative. Professional images and video are VITAL – luxury clients will expect luxury content! So, hire a professional photographer or videographer to showcase you, your community, and the services you offer. And don’t forget to include more personal shoots as well, something with your pet or family, or doing something you love outside of your business.

4. Creativity
With so many businesses leveraging social media to reach consumers and build their brand, what’s going to set you apart? This is huge! Don’t just do what everyone else is doing, be different and share something unique. Give give your followers something to connect with in addition to your business. If you love fashion, then showcase looks that you love. If you are into sports, then share what you are doing, the 5K’s or other events you are involved in. You will gain followers that will stay engaged with you and look forward to seeing your posts.

Accruing visibility, credibility, and popularity on social media is a cumulative process, and it’s important for you not to be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results – it takes time and consistency! Trust that your posts are adding value for your clients and prospects. If you commit to consistency, personality, quality, and creativity, it won’t be long before you have a clear return on investment.

Sandy Hibbard Can Help Create Your Branded Posts

If you need help creating and managing your luxury branded marketing, this is when you contact me!  I can help you build a dynamic luxury brand on your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn so you are free to network and schmooze with your followers! Call me and let’s talk – 214.208.3987.


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