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Photo Tips for Great Night Time Shots

Night time photo tip #4 sandy hibbard creative services brooklyn new york

You are most likely going to get out and about tomorrow night for trick-or-treating with your little ones, or to party with friends. There will be picture taking I assure you! So to make sure you get the best shots, follow these quick tips:




1 – DON’T ZOOM – Zooming in on a subject will only make your photos more grainy. Avoid the grain, and shuffle your feet closer to that zombie you’re trying to “shoot”.

2 – FIND THE LIGHT – A street light or flashlight can give you some great ominous photos fit for Halloween. (Remember light should always be behind the photogrpher, not the subjects.)

3 – EXPOSURE IS THE KEY – Most people don’t realize that you can set your mobile phone’s exposure via the camera app. Setting the exposure to match the brightest part of your photo will lead to a much sharper photo.




For more Halloween photos, check out my gallery on LensQueen.com.

Article source: Mosaic.com, my favorite photo book printing app!


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