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Killer Marketing Tip #39: Clean Up Those Nasty Marketing Habits!

Killer Marketing Tip #39: Clean Up Those Nasty Marketing Habits!

It’s time to do an inventory on your marketing!

You may have heard me tell the story about the Skanky Scrunchie….if so, remember to clean up your marketing ASAP.  If you haven’t, the gist is this:  Don’t let one nasty, poorly designed, badly worded, embarrassing photo, or ANYTHING that doesn’t represent how fabulous you are get out on social media, the Internet, or in print!  One bad element can ruin an otherwise great presentation, and remember: if it goes out on social media it is there forever!  Present your BRAND, your business and your service with class and precision, good taste and design!  In this video Sandy shares her ideas on things you need to check on NOW!

If you need help in your marketing call or email us today at 214-208-3987, sandy@sandyhibbardcreative.com.  We can give you the help you need to build a strategy, write your compelling story, create your identity, spread the word about your business on social media and the web – what ever it is you need, we are here to help! Call me and let’s talk one on one about how we can work together to bring your business marketing up to the next level!

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