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February 11, 2014
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Marketing Tip: Are You What They Like?

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Marketing Tip: Are You What They Like?

LIKES are the new marketing currency. The more likes you have, the more value your networks have, not just to marketing companies and advertisers, but also in the eyes of your followers and prospective followers.   The question to ask is “are you what they like?”  Give your audience a reason to LIKE you.  Give them a reason to interact with your brand.

To start, you must listen to what your networks are saying.  Watch how they are interacting and what they are sharing.  Pay attention!  Get to know the Internet personalities in your field and watch what they are doing online.  Don’t recreate the wheel, copy what the experts are doing!  Grow your network by following people in your industry that are popular and have a lot of followers, interact with their posts and make comments.  Share their valuable content when it is applicable to your business.

“We feel the need to express our thoughts and opinions when it comes to practically everything. So if we say something about a brand or a company or an experience, we have a captive audience. Our peers are listening.”

~ Allison Arling-Giorgi: For Gen Y, Brands Are Our Peers

Social media is all about sharing, and pretty much these days we are sharing everything.  So take the time to monitor your networks, your target audience, and see what it is that they are responding to.  What are they liking? Who are they following?  What resonates with them?   Test your own posts.  What do they respond to?  What gets the most likes?  the most shares?  Monitor and track then give them something from your marketing arsenal to make them like you!