[Marketing Tip] Are you using these 3 things wisely to build your marketing?


[Marketing Tip]
Are you using these 3 things wisely to build your marketing?

As nature literally changes it’s shape everyday, our own personal circumstances, opportunities, and perspectives change as well. Are you looking for it? Do you anticipate it? Are you being aware enough to notice the subtle shifts in your life and in the environment around you?  All good questions to remind us that nothing stays the same.  And that goes for business too.

In my years as a marketing professional, I have found that to build the foundation for sustainable and successful marketing, you must constantly be surveying the landscape of business to see if your marketing program is fitting into the swiftly ever-moving currents. Now, I’m not saying go run after every new marketing gismo, shiny ball or sparkling object, that is just not smart. But rather, be proactive – checking, measuring, testing – your marketing activities.

These 3 key factors, if used wisely, help to guide you through each project and will keep you on track to deliver results. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you getting a return on your investment for the TIME you are dedicating to your current marketing?
  2. Is the MONEY your investing producing the results you need?
  3. Do you have the IMAGINATION and skills to take your marketing to the next level?

TIME + MONEY + IMAGINATION = Sustainable, successful marketing.

Top performing organizations and highly productive entrepreneurs use the TIME + MONEY + IMAGINATION approach by measuring their time against the money they spend on their marketing. They are aware of internal limitations, whether that be lack of funds, available staff to do the work, or skilled professionals to create and implement the marketing. They plan their marketing around these 3  considerations – time, money and imagination – and they commit.  They acquire the skill needed to implement and deliver the goods, and then set it into motion.  How are you using your TIME, MONEY, and IMAGINATION? 

As nature changes and brings in new seasons, new life, and new growth, so we should look at our marketing in the same way. We are coming into the cooler season here in the US. The Holiday season. The “absentee” season. Football season. How will you use your marketing time, money, and imagination to stay in front of your clients? Will you keep doing the same things you have done all year, or will you shift into this new season and creatively move to the next level? It’s time to make a decision.

Sandy Hibbard Creative will help you analyze your current marketing and strategize the next steps needed to meet your 4th quarter goals. If you are in a hurry and need to get something going immediately, check out The Social Voice Box, our social media marketing program where we do all the work for you. We can have you set up and posting within 36 hours.

Whatever your marketing need is, we are here to help.


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Love and success!


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