Marketing Tip: Be an expert in your field

you are the knowledge expert

Marketing Tip: Be an expert in your field


So you think you can do it all?  So do I – well, at least that’s what I USE TO THINK until I gained more experience and realized that honing in on what I do best and letting others do what they do best is the real secret to business success!  And when it comes to marketing, focus on that ONE THING that you can claim to be an expert at.

Tell your story and market your expertise – be an expert on something.  I believe the best success comes when you’re focused on ONE THING that you do very well. Build your marketing and advertising strategy around that and you will build a name for yourself that will garner loyalty and trust for the services you offer.

Too many times in today’s business environment we think that because we are CONNECTED that we can respond, perform, deliver, all the services that are now required – from technology to social media to business organization to PR strategies to everything!  The truth is,  you can’t do it all and do it well.  So find your niche and stick with it. Become the subject matter expert in your field and show your target audience that you really know your stuff.

Build a team to support your company goals, products and services and YOU FOCUS on what you do well.

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