Killer Marketing Tips with Sandy – Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found

girl looking through magnifying glass making sure your business can be found

In this Killer Marketing Tip Sandy shares a few simple ways to make sure your business can be found.

This week I want to send you a friendly reminder that NO ONE can use your services if they can’t FIND YOU! And if they can’t find you, they will never know about what you can do for them. In this Killer Marketing Tip I share a few simple ways to make sure your business can be found.

The first step to make sure you business can be found, is to create an online footprint that will share the story of your business and ultimately attract new customers.

Start with an SEO optimized and dynamic website, then add a blog. A blog helps you keep your website updated with new and fresh information about your business so you can syndicate it out to your networks to create awareness that will attract new customers. PLUS a marketing blog with fresh original content is A#1 for SEO!

Social media is essential for being found online too. Are you being consistent with your reach and your content?

Start an email campaign.

This is still a viable and affordable marketing vehicle. Email is both essential because it is both inbound and outbound marketing: Inbound because it allows you to build on a relationship that your customer sought out. Outbound because it asks potential customers to form a new relationship.

Also, email marketing that reaches out to your A-list on a regular basis will keep them in the know on everything going on in your business. It is a great vehicle to promote your business to be found!

If you need help with creating content for your blog, contact Sandy to learn about our blogging services.



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