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INSIDERS Ep 49: Looking at Today’s Financing Environment

Sandy Hibbard and Marc Miller of the INSIDERS with michael addison

We’re thrilled to welcome Mr. Michael Addison from the First United Mortgage Group as our guest on Episode 49 of INSIDERS! Michael is mortgage professional with nearly 3-Decades of experience in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market helping more than 10,000 families fund more than $5 Billion in home financing needs.


– The current financing landscape

– Exciting new down payment assistant programs

– Bank portfolio products overview

– Expert advice on navigating closing costs

– Tips for purchasing a home for your college-bound kids 


Sandy shares about the current marketing environment and the 5 biggest challenges business owners/realtors face and how to overcome them:

– Saturation of Advertising Channels

– Standing Out in a Crowded Digital Space

– Algorithm Changes on Social Media

– Balancing Traditional and Digital Marketing

– Addressing Privacy Concerns

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