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Entrepreneurs Tips to Hold Onto After Covid – Yash Gupta

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Entrepreneurs Tips to Hold Onto After Covid – Yash Gupta

Yash Gupta Shares Business Ideas to Hold Onto After a Crisis The ongoing health crisis has taught us a thing or two about the meaning of life. Crises tend to do that and indeed have, since the early days of humankind. Yash Gupta is young and talented mind who is one of the youngest entrepreneurs today. Gupta says for starters, life doesn’t revolve around our jobs. Sadly, many people seem to have learned it only now.

The argument that we need more money to afford a quality life has all but dissipated into thin air in the face of stunningly high COVID-19 health bills. Does that mean we should give up job productivity and search for alternatives? I don’t think so. The point is in adjusting all aspects of our life so that we actually get to enjoy a quality life without compromising our leisure time in the name of “business as usual.” We should be more Productive, but retain the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest on our own terms.

Quality Over Quantity

Firstly, the common denominator for all people with a job wherever they are is that we all seem to be overwhelmed with a multitude of tasks. Every day, we’re struggling with unreasonable deadlines. In turn, that means that the quality of the tasks in question has to suffer. Quality and quantity simply don’t mix.The first tip to employ would, hence, be – prioritization. Some tasks are always more important than others.

If there are more important tasks a day than there are business hours, then sort them by urgency and leave the rest for the next day. The pressure we create is groundless, anyway. If we do more tasks than reasonably possible, we don’t give each of them our best. That means that we actually spend more time redoing them than we would have spent if we prioritized it.

Don’t lose sight of other risks

COVID-19 isn’t the only threat on the horizon — and often organizations are at their most vulnerable when dealing with a crisis that dominates their attention. The many other risks that your business faces aren’t diminished by an epidemic. Cybersecurity, for example, should always be top of mind. We don’t know what the next few weeks and months could bring. When the World Health Organization upgraded COVID-19 to a pandemic, the tone of the conversation shifted from containment and prevention to protection of key workers in order to keep businesses running.

There Is Always Enough Time for Everything

Yes, there is. If you plan well and do it every day, no activity will have to suffer, ever. Okay, we should always allow for unexpected situations, but let’s face it – they occur occasionally, not regularly. We deal with them as they come; we don’t premeditate them every day. If you used a schedule for all daily activities during the pandemic, you would have an established routine for hobbies and workout as well. Simply put, once things have gone back to “normal,” you will have allocated a time slot for everything. Just keep doing it in the same way, adjusting the slots slightly to allow for commuting.

Efficient Finance Management

There’s always something we need more money for… or is there? Another lesson learned during the pandemic is that we actually have enough money for everyday life; it’s the things we don’t need that we’re hooked up on buying that make us think we need more.

In the light on “unexpected expenses” (read: health bills), the unfortunate among us has to pay, the whole money spending spree thing gets a whole new meaning. For one thing, some expenses have changed for the better. Even if the change is temporary, it can help us learn to manage finances more efficiently.


Things change; it’s only normal that they do. People change; that’s how it should be. Every day we learn something new and implement the new findings to make our lives better (whatever “better” may mean for each individual). However, we rarely get a chance to witness a change so huge that it is obviously life-changing for so many people around the globe. The bottom line is – use the lessons learned during this once-in-a-lifetime situation to live your life to the fullest.

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