Killer Marketing Tip #49: Create a Virtual Tour

house tour recording

Killer Marketing Tip #49: Create a Virtual Tour

This is for Realtors or any other type of business that depends on clients seeing and viewing a property. We thought we would be back to free-wheeling through our business like normal by now, but Covid is still an issue and people are continuing to take precautions. Because of continued anxieties, it is still a great idea to create a virtual tour of your listings.

Your clients’ time is precious, and they want to understand as much as possible about a property prior to visiting in person. Virtual tours are a great way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers – eliminating stress and health concerns. Use professional photography and videography that will showcase the listing and the details that make it special. Include yourself in the video. Walk through the house and point out the details, talk about your favorite things about the property. Be a star!

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