Killer Marketing Tip #52:  Be a Storyteller

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Killer Marketing Tip #52:  Be a Storyteller

“When you link stories and experiences to ideas that you are teaching, you create emotional connections.”

Don’t you love hearing a good story? There’s nothing like sitting down with friends, sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and listening to a well told story. The storyteller’s passion, knowledge of the events and involvement help to bring the situation to life. When used in business marketing, a well told story makes an emotional connection that goes much deeper than a post or ad copy.

When you take an educational approach in marketing, you are going to do more storytelling than pitching. That’s because storytelling is educational in nature. The power of storytelling is in showcasing relevant characters and situations that help to explain your product, the benefits of it, the need for it, the desire for it, the effectiveness of it. Storytelling like this will create an emotional response from the listener. These responses stimulate action more effectively than content that involves self-promotion on social media. So be a storyteller, open up, share your experiences and feel the emotion!

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