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52 Killer Marketing Tips with Sandy Hibbard: Diversify your Marketing

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Killer Marketing Tip 19: Diversify your Marketing

In executing a marketing plan, it is important to be as diverse as the market you serve. Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket! Deliver your marketing message through a number of marketing channels to reach today’s very mobile market! People are everywhere, you want to reach them where they are: online, social media channels, google search, email, direct mail, networking groups, billboards, events, schools and churches… you get the idea.

There is business waiting for you in all types of marketing. Depending upon your target customer, you may want to focus on your social channels to build relationships, email and direct mail to deepen those relationships and networking and one on one meetings to solidify the lead!

If you are looking at your marketing plan for the second half of the year, don’t get stuck in one place, diversify!

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