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The 2 Most Important Elements of Your Marketing

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The 2 Most Important Elements of Your Marketing

There are many different ways to market your business these days.  So many ways, in fact, that it becomes a daunting task to choose WHAT to do for most business owners.  I could give you a list of 4, 6, the top 8 or more, but for this writing – it’s all about “two’s”.

There are TWO elements that you MUST have in your marketing.  PERIOD.  Without these two key ingredients you are going to get lost in all the noise.

  1. original content creation
  2. syndication to your selected platforms

Original, created content is the most important kind of content. Curated is next in line. Visual assets – photos, videos, infographics – are all very important, but the grand daddy of them all is original content that tells your story, explains your industry, shares your information, educates, instructs, publicizes and provides content worth keeping.  You need an overall design/development and content creation program that represents you and your brand.

Syndication is pushing that content out to your selected platforms.  It’s great to have good content, but if you are not sharing it across the web and on social media in a strategic plan – hello?! NO ONE will see it.

Now, we know there are more than TWO platforms to share your content, but the cream de la creme of the networks is where you start – or the networks where your prospects live. There are many choices here, but let’s start with the two most active social media platforms happening now:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram

Those just getting started with social media will find it easy to use Facebook and it’s a no brainer. Instagram is the fasted growing network and can sync with your Facebook page, another no brainer. PLUS you can create a branded VISUAL presence using great photos that will increase your exposure on Instagram. It can also give your company personality apart from your website that is business focused. If you are a more experienced social media marketer, add the rest into the mix: LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.  Be everywhere!

The TWO outcomes that content creation and syndication on social media will produce are:

  1. increase exposure of your company and product/service
  2. develop relationships (social leads)

With as little as 6 hours per week* invested in social media you can see increased traffic to your website, that means your efforts at increasing exposure and creating interest is working!  With more time and effort you can generate and track leads and sales on these platforms as well.

Build a Strong Marketing Foundation with these TWO Things

So you can see that a focused plan that addresses these TWO key elements in this moment is crucial to your overall success in marketing. You will most likely have other things you are doing, but keeping focused on content creation and syndication over a strategic social media plan is the foundation of great marketing.


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