Marketing Tip: Is Your Company Celebrating with Your Clients?

Market Tip: Is your company celebrating with your clients?

All you party people, let’s make marketing fun again! Plan a simple party, maybe at a wine bar or bistro, or in your living room with great coffee and sweets.  Make it an EVENT on Facebook and promote it on your page, your profile and all your other social media.  Call and invite your customers, friends, and people you WANT to be your clients.  Make a happening and promote it through your online channels – everyone wants to have fun and you can share your story over a glass of wine, coffee, or beer in an intimate setting!

If you need help in your marketing call or email us today at 214-208-3987, or  We can give you the help you need to build a strategy, write your compelling story, create your identity, spread the word about your business – what ever it is you need, we are here to help – on any level.  Just reach out and let’s meet over coffee or wine and discuss what your needs are and how Sandy Hibbard Creative can help you reach your goal to get to that next level!

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