Keep Calm and Do These Two Things

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The 2 Most Important Elements of Your Marketing

It seems like there are millions of different ways to market your business these days – and too many social networks to keep up with.  It becomes a daunting task to choose WHAT to do for most business owners.  In this week’s tip I want to simplify it for you – it’s all about “two’s”.

There are TWO elements that you MUST have in your marketing.  PERIOD.  Without these two key ingredients you are going to get lost in all the noise.

  1. original content creation
  2. syndication to your selected platforms

Original, created content is the most important kind of content.  Visual assets – photos, videos, infographics – are all very important, but the grand daddy of them all is original content that tells your story, shares your information, educates, instructs, publicizes and provides content worth keeping.  You need an overall design/development and content creation program that represents you and your brand.  Then share that content everywhere you can.  It’s great to have good content, but if you are not sharing it across the web and on social media in a strategic plan, no one will see it.

There are TWO platforms where you MUST be found.  There are many choices here, but the top two most important social media platforms for your content are:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook

Begin by developing a consistent presence on both Instagram and Facebook. Daily posts on your Instagram feed and your FB page will help to bring awareness to your business and service offerings, and show off your company’s personality and culture. It is vital to beef up your visual marketing on Instagram, it is the hottest network around right now with 4x the interaction that you will get on Facebook. Great photography, stories, videos and keeping a consistent presence will help build and develop relationships on this platform, plus you can link it to your Facebook Page. If you are a more experienced social media marketer, add YouTube to the mix with great videos that teach and update on your industry and business services. With you content, be sure to syndicate on all your platforms as is appropriate – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  When you are putting a higher focus on content creation, I suggest you consider adding LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging and podcasting into the mix as well.

The TWO outcomes that content creation and syndication on social media will produce are:

  1. increase exposure of your company and product/service
  2. increase your web traffic

Metrics show that with as little as 6 hours per week invested in social media you can see increased traffic to your website.  With more time and effort you can generate and track leads and sales on these platforms as well.

Focus on the 2 most important elements of your marketing

So you can see that a focused plan that addresses these key elements is crucial to your overall success in social media marketing.  You will most likely have other things you are doing, but keeping focused on content creation and syndication over a strategic social media plan will definitely provide you with a great marketing base!





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