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INSIDERS Episode 51 – Senior Specialist Renae Quigley

sandy hibbard on the set of the INSIDERS with her co-host marc miller and their guest renae quigley


INSIDERS Episode 51 –  Unlocking the Key Differences: Senior Relocation Specialist vs. Traditional Realtor in Real Estate Planning

Sandy and Marc welcome their guest Renae Quigley from Keller Williams Columbia Basin in WA. Renae works with seniors and is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist.

Renae Quigley’s journey into serving seniors began at New York Life, where she delved into Long Term Care coverage, igniting a passion that continues today. With a background in financial planning and a heart for compassion, Renae brings over five years of experience at Keller Williams, where she’s achieved accolades like Rookie of the Year and earned multiple awards.

Renae’s diverse career, including event planning and catering, has equipped her to deeply connect with seniors, understanding their unique needs with sensitivity and respect. As a Real Estate Planner and Senior Real Estate Specialist, Renae’s mission is about more than transactions; it’s about enriching lives and empowering seniors to make informed decisions about their future, guided by integrity and empathy.


1 – How is a Senior Relocation Specialist and Real Estate Planner different from a traditional realtor?

    • We take a holistic approach
    • Conduct a strategy session to uncover their end goals/timeline
    • Assess all their needs
    • Determine where the “chinks” in their armor are
    • Communicate with all parties involved, ensuring harmony

2 – Do you get involved in making recommendations for facilities and services? If so, how do you go about determining what’s best?

3 – Are your educational programs available to the community? Tell us about what you offer.

    • Senior Living Options: What They Are and How to Pay For Them
    • Moving Mom and Dad: Navigating the Transition with Care and Confidence
    • Family Feud Protection:  Navigating Family Transitions
    • Estate Planning Essentials:  Wills, Trust, and Probate
    • Understanding The Probate Process:  A Step by Step Look at Probate

Watch all our episodes on our YouTube channel: @insiderspodcast

You can reach out to Renae for questions and help on senior planning:

Renae M. Quigley, Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist
Agapé Realty LLC – agaperealtyllc.com
Tel: 509.460.1882
Email: rquigley@kw.com

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