INSIDERS Ep 27 – @Properties enters the Luxury Market with Christie’s

jerry mooty talks to marc miller on the INSIDERS episode 27

INSIDERS Ep 27 – @Properties enters the Luxury Market with Christie’s

The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 27 – Sandy and Marc welcome their special guest Jerry Mooty from @Properties – Christie’s International Real Estate. In this episode Sandy and Marc talk to Jerry about @Properties, how it got to Texas, their unique technology angle, and what the Christie’s luxury brand brings to the real estate side.

In speaking to Jerry about marketing, I was curious at what @Properties – Christie’s International Real Estate brought to the table compared to so many other large brands out there. @Properties has specific advantages in this luxury market – specifically brand, technology. It offers a world-class culture, and now with 1100 worldwide offices, it’s a global powerhouse that offers so much to the agents in the way of a powerful referral network and proprietary state of the art software built with the agent in mind. Marketing does seem to be top of mind, as Jerry put it “to help the luxury agent build a business“.

All in all, @Properties is a unique and progressive new real estate brand. Be sure to watch the entire episode to get all the details!

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