Six Marketing Methods You Must Use

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Six Marketing Methods You Simply Must Use In Your Business Marketing

Don’t Get Stuck In Just One Form Of Marketing

As you can tell from reading my marketing tips, I am not 100% techie and I am not 100% old-school. I firmly believe that great marketing is DIVERSIFIED.

Look at your target audience as a passing parade. In order to get your message out more effectively, you need to catch them where they are. Sometimes that calls for different methods – digital campaigns, analog campaigns, face-to-face meetings, snail-mail and email. The goal is to reach your client and prospects.

When building your marketing plan, look at your messaging and the services you provide, know your client and prospects and what they need and where they are, THEN build a strategy that will reach them.”

Don’t get stuck in just one form of marketing, make sure your marketing strategy includes the following top six marketing methods:

  1. Web/Blog
  2. Email/Digital marketing
  3. Social media – organic and paid
  4. SMS Texting
  5. Direct mail/In-person
  6. Podcasting/Video/Influencer based marketing

Diversify Your Marketing

There are multiple ways to use each of these six marketing methods. Include 3-5 (or all!) of them into your strategic marketing plan, and incorporate them into your branded content campaigns. Diversifying your marketing like this will help you target and reach more people.

Know Your Audience and Where They Are

When you consistently implement these marketing methods with your content, your brand message will find it’s way to your target audience.

The key here is being where your prospective clients can find you, where they hang out. These categories will include (but are not limited to): digital email, direct mail, in-person meetings and networking, texting and chatting, social media engagement, paid ads on social, PPC and Google reviews, building a reputation as a knowledge leader through podcasts, videos and influencer marketing.  And of course your web presence (#1) that should be the foundation for all these marketing methods.

These categories are the bread-and-butter of marketing. Find the ones that work for your level of proficiency, the time you have to execute them, and your budget.


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