Don’t Let the Lack of Creativity Muzzle Your Marketing Message

I love this photograph by Getty Images, and guess what? I would NOT have seen it had they not been on Instagram. In marketing you have to market! The best collateral, the most dynamic website and content will not attract your prospects unless you are using them to creatively tell your story. You have to stay in front of your audience as if they are a passing parade – that means they need to be able to find you where ever they are.

If you feel like this poor little kitty when it comes to your marketing, it’s time to be set free!  Your consistent and targeted social media marketing on Facebook – LinkedIn – Instagram – Pinterest – Twitter, will increase awareness and create an immediate impact on your business. Drive them to your website with great content about you and your services. Keep them in your social feeds with interesting and entertaining stories. Create interest with behind the scenes activities in your business and with your team. Draw them in with great photography and kick ass graphics.

What are you waiting for? Unmuzzle yourself!

Let Sandy Hibbard Creative help tell your story and create a presence for your brand on social media. Need graphic design, a logo, or a website? We can handle that for you.  We will take the load of marketing and design off your shoulders so you can focus on your business.  Call or email Sandy today and let’s talk about getting you and your brand of business unmuzzled!


…or call 214-208-3987

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