Add a Fresh Look to Your Business Cards

business card designs that pop

Marketing Tip: Add a fresh look to your business cards

Unless you have updated your marketing in the last 12 months or so, my bet is that you might need to add a fresh look to your business cards.  I am still a big believer in business cards (or calling cards), people keep them (especially if they pop), and they will remember you each time they touch it. So make sure that your message and look makes an impact on that little 3.5 x 2 inch piece of real estate!  And make it a habit to give every business prospect you meet your business card, and then some.  Here are my suggestions for a kickin’ business card:

1 – People love photos and love the human face, so use imagery – a photo of you, a great logo, or a themed image
2 – Use good card stock, no flimsy-flamsy paper, you want your card to hold up to the handling it will get
3 – Go outside the box, if you want to use a larger size or odd size for your business card, go ahead, there’s no law against it
4 – Use great design and colors that pop
5 – Print on both sides of your card, take advantage of that extra space
6 – Don’t put a lot of verbiage about your product or service on your business card, send them to your website for that
7 – Do not use a font size smaller than 10pt
8 – Include the information you want people to reach you with: Phone, email, Facebook and Twitter URL, address, and/or web address
9 – Add a memorable headline in a larger and bolder font
10-Make it pop!


business card designs that pop

A fun example is my own business card were I incorporate multiple images.  Each business card has a different photo but the same pertinent business/contact info appears on the reverse side.  Since I am in marketing, I coordinated 5 different photographs to illustrate the many faces of marketing.  My theme was fun, almost silly. Each of my cards carry a different photo of me (I used a totoal of 5 images) and the front of the card remains the same.  For an extra pop, I designed a colorful custom QR Code that appears with my contact information.

You could have fun with this idea, regardless of what your business is, just think creatively.  Here are a few ideas:

If you are a realtor, use luxury home images for the different examples of architecture you specialize in
if you are a jewelry designer, use photos of your most stunning designs
if you are a consultant, use images representing the variety of industries you work with
if you are a musician, use photos from various performances or playing different instruments
if you are in business, use photos of happy client faces with their testimony of your amazing service!

There are many possibilities.  Get creative and don’t be afraid to get outside the standard old business card design.  Do something fun that tells the story of your business/service passion.  If you need help coming up with a new design, call me and let’s talk!

Love and Peace!



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