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Killer Marketing Tips with Sandy – Secrets to Visual Marketing

52 killer marketing tips

Need some great ideas and tips for your marketing? In my new weekly video series, I share 52 Killer Marketing Tips – week by week, that will help you outshine your competition this year. These are short and social media “sharable” tips that are quick to watch and easy to implement. Be sure to collect […]

Build Your Instagram Like a Real Story Teller

collage of performer sarra from dallas tx

A performer tells their story through their song or act, but to get people to listen [just like you], they have to market their product. They have to tell their story beyond the bounds of the art they have created. They have to get skin in the game, put themselves out there and be relentless in what works!

How Important is Visual Marketing to Your Strategic Marketing Plan?

Photo of a woman using smart phone

How Important is Visual Marketing to My Strategic Marketing Plan?​ If I were standing before you today teaching a class and asked you this question “how are you converting your Instagram and social media followers into real social leads?”, I would get a variety of answers. Some would respond with great success stories and others […]