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52 Killer Marketing Tips


52 Killer Marketing Tips:

Marketing demystified in 52 killer tips that your competition is probably forgetting about.


CUT THROUGH the noise and get your MESSAGE HEARD More than ever before, it’s a free-for-all in business marketing. Anything goes, and there are more tools and resources than can be utilized.  But for the entrepreneur or small company, the choices and methods can be daunting, resulting in haphazard and inconsistent attempts to implement a marketing strategy.

Sandy Hibbard’s 52 KILLER Marketing Tips walks you through a year’s worth of marketing content, ideas and strategies that are simple to implement and produce effective results.   “Choose three to five tips that you KNOW you can put together yourself in the first quarter. Then choose three to five or more that you feel you can implement over the next 12 months. Use these selected tips to build your marketing strategy, making sure your marketing message is reaching your target audience every week.”

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